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  8. Have you seen my birthday makeup tutorial!?


  9. So I recently have become obsessed with Honey. I love green tea with honey in it, the perfect way to wake up in the morning. So no surprise when I saw this body butter by Perlier and read that it has honey in it, I knew I had to have it!!

    The first time I used it, I fell in love. I love the scent first of all. It is mind blowing how amazing it smells.
    It is a thick body butter because of the honey (from black bees might I add! How luxurious) and it goes on and really soaks into your skin. It doesn’t leave your skin greasy and it doesn’t sit on top of your skin witch I thoroughly enjoy.
    The container is huge! I know that I will have this product for a long time which is another plus. And the packaging is so cool. You feel like royalty when reaching for this body butter. The name “Imperial Honey” also makes me feel like royalty ;) hehe.

    Oh! And to all my other fellow tattooed beauties, it makes your tattoos stand out and brighter! That is a huge plus for me!!

    Overall, this product is to die for. And it has made me continue my honey obsession. :) I also want to try out some other products from Perlier!

    To check out Imperial Honey body butter by Perlier click here!

    I also have a $5 coupon off your purchase of the Perlier Imperial Honey body butter by entering the code: iFabbo5

    Now I am off to drink some green tea with honey,

    xoxo Jkissa